High five for Friday

Friday, August 1, 2014

One | Colton will be six weeks old tomorrow and his little personality is forming. He's getting so fun!

Two | My favorite pair of jeans fit again! I still have about 10 lbs to lose to get back to pre-baby weight but progress is being made.

Three | I got to have lunch with a friend this week that I hadn't seen in a long time. It was so great to catch up!
Four | My favorite K-cups were on sale at the grocery store yesterday! They went into my cart without a second thought! :)

Five | I had a couple of good days of little DIY projects this week. Some may show up on the blog soon.

Hope you all had a great week and fun plans scheduled for the weekend ahead!

Bump Day: 3 diaper bag essentials

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A couple of weeks back we experienced our first diaper blow-out while visiting my grandma in the nursing home - talk about stressful! I swear we bathed our child in wipes and once that was all cleaned up, he peed. Since we were changing him on my grandma's bed when all this went down we had to ask the nurses to change her bed linens.  Embarrassing. Disaster. Stress. Uggghh... This was followed by a 3 1/2 hour trip home.

This whole diaper blow out and the extreme amount of poop really grossed out and stressed out my husband and sparked the discussion about why baby clothes are made so "stupid!" I couldn't argue his point that there should be snaps on the top of the clothes rather than, or in addition to, those at the bottom. Let me tell you, when you have squirmy baby, with lots of hair, and you have to pull the clothes over their head it makes for an even bigger mess.

The next question from my husband was, "how much do baby clothes cost?" We figured about $2/piece of onsies. At that point, we determined that we could just cut them off of the baby next time a blow out happens. (It's happened again, and yes, we did cut off the onsie.)

Besides diapers, wipes, extra clothes, burp clothes, etc... here are three diaper bag essentials that are necessary!

1. Scissor - to cut the icky clothes off.
2. Wet bag - to throw the icky clothes in, in case you want to try to save them.
3. Plastic shopping bags - for the icky diapers when there is no garbage in site.

Anything else you would add?

House tour: guest bedroom

Monday, July 28, 2014

Many moons ago (at least it seems like it) we renovated the first floor of our home to create an open floor plan, find extra space, and turn my husbands office into a guest bedroom.  We accomplished all of that just in time to have our first baby! Now, I am finally getting around to taking pictures for this house tour series - I hope you enjoy it! 

This room was the easiest of all to decorate - I knew exactly what I wanted and easily found the items I was looking for.  Plus, I always knew I wanted a dark gray room and here was my chance.  Despite my husbands attempts to change my mind, I went with Sherwin Williams Gray Matters - SW7066.  The color is a true gray, not too blue, purple, or brown.  The reason this color works in this small space it because it faces the south so natural light pours in all day long. I also chose very light-colored bedding so that the natural light would reflect throughout the space.

Duvet - Target
Throw pillow - TJ Maxx
Gray crochet throw - gift
Headboard - gift
Nightstand - Slumberland
Lamp - Home Goods
"Be Our Guest" wall hanging - DIY project
Dresser - estate auction
Watercolor art - Gallery Wall
Flowers - Hobby Lobby

High five for Friday

Friday, July 25, 2014

These weeks have been flying by - yikes!  But, none-the-less they have been fun weeks to be around home.  Especially since the weather has been great. I love summer! 

One | On Monday, Colton celebrated his one-month birthday and Adam celebrated his 32nd birthday too!

Two | We took a little shopping trip this week to a Gap outlet store and I walked out of the store with a pair of jeans, the size I usually wear! Woohoo!  The 30 day squat challenge I'm doing is working! :)

Three | Our garden is producing tomatoes like crazy! These beauties are turning a vibrant red in our windowsill!  Soon we'll be making salsa and canning all kinds of tomato-related things! 

Four | I love when I get cards and gift tags that I made attached to gifts! It always makes me smile. You can find this tag in my etsy shop.

Five | My husband helped me to hang up curtains this week! I like them - pictures to come (hopefully) soon!  I'm just waiting on my wall prints to arrive.

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