Dining room before and after

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Last week I was going through a few pictures of our home and stumbled across a pictures of our dining room and living room before our major renovation this past winter.  Holy smokes the house looks different - I was absolutely stunned by the transformation.

You might think that's a little funny to hear coming from me since it's my house but when you literally live through a renovation and see every little step of the process unfold you take for granted the overall change that occurred over 3-4 months.

Our dining room before...

...and our dining room after.

The picture is taken from the exact same spot in our living room.  Hard to believe huh?! These before and after pictures remind me of how much I love our home. 

I hope to have a more house tour posts coming soon.  I am waiting for a day that when the stars align to get pictures taken (the house is clean, I am home, and it's a sunny day).

To see hour entire dining room, read this post.

High five for Friday

Friday, September 5, 2014

One | I opened up shop! I added a shopping page to my blog where you can shop for greeting cards, journals, and small home decor items.  I hope to add more items soon!

Two | Colton was baptised on Sunday.  We had a beautiful, intimate Catholic ceremony.  Having your child baptized is a pretty amazing experience.  It was also fun for us to host our families for the weekend!

Three | I had a great conversation with one of my best friends! Katie and I talk almost every week.  I wish these conversation were in person but at least we have the phone.

Four | Hot Yoga. Last night my friend, Whitney, and I went to a free hot yoga class.  I love hot yoga - I always feel so refreshed and detoxed.

Five | We have a chatter box on our hands. Colton found his voice and is happy to talk to anyone (especially his dad) or anything that will listen.

I am always a fan of (what seem like) short weeks!  Have a great weekend!

Easy Breezy Coastal Bedroom Design

Thursday, September 4, 2014

While I was on maternity leave I was fortunate enough to work with a couple of design clients! (Thankfully they were patient with me since the designs took longer than normal to complete.)

This client wanted to create a bedroom that had a coastal and somewhat rustic feel.  What came out of the design process was this Easy Breezy Coastal Bedroom design board!

This might be one of my favorite rooms that I've worked on.  I love the light - airy feel, cool colors, and mix of furniture.  Not to mention a couple of interesting pieces like the wave pillow, nightstand, and turtle planter!

This gal was fun to work with and I loved her input with the ideas she had throughout the design process!

If you are interested in your own e-design, check out my design services!

Out of respect for paying clients, I do not share item sources.

Hide your ugly things inside pretty things

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

It's easy to collect stuff and not know how to organize it, store  it, or hide it so that it's easy put away when guests come or to simply clear the clutter.  To do this I hide my ugly things inside pretty things.

I learned this from the Design Camp I went to, hosted by AB Chao last year and have implemented it in my own home. It's easy to do and very handy considering we live in an old farmhouse without a lot of storage.

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